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  1. Phil Zone

    SOLD CWC frame Roadmaster Badge (repaint) $100 + shipping

    CWC Frame: appears structurally sound. Older repaint. (I don't know what is under repaint) Roadmaster Badge $ 125 plus shipping via bikeflights
  2. BobbyStillz

    1948 Roadmaster Custom

  3. Laxbeaver

    Disassembling the Roadmaster

    Hi all, I thought I'd share some pics (and a boatload of questions) about taking apart this Roadmaster. I can't offer a lot of advice on the forum, so I thought maybe you'd find it interesting. Also nice for me to document it too. I've had the bike for two weeks now and got quite a few parts off...
  4. D

    roadmaster luxury liner

    Hi all, I am looking for a roadmaster luxury liner headlight with a lens. It can be VERY ROUGH. I really would prefer it be original. I am working on a 1951. So hopefully there are a bunch to choose from. Thanks so much! David
  5. kirk

    Repro Luxury Liner parts free shipping

    This bike rides as new and is real nice. The seat has been changed, along with the pedals. The Radio works great and the hub caps look great too. The grips have red glass in them. There is a nice jet on the front fender. The lights and horn have not been tested but I'm sure they work. There is...
  6. M

    Hello from Dallas, Texas!

    Hey RRB community! Long ago, I had an account here, and it didn't get far because I couldn't upload photos. Now I have that ability, so I'm back! I'm a professional bike mechanic, and a vintage bike specialist. I have a real weakness for AMF bikes. Pictured are my 1960s Skyrider Deluxe rat...
  7. Flying Zombie


    Just need the one. Hardware appreciated.
  8. scorpius

    1940s - 50s Pair of Schwinn Truss Rods ,Bars , etc

    I have a pair of original 24" Schwinn Truss Rods , $45 picked up or would swap for a pair of 26" truss bars
  9. R

    Very Cool Ratted Out 24" Roadmaster Saturn Bicycle Built in the early 60's check out the star sprocket. New Brooke inspired seat with nice thick leather (.170") New Coke Bottle Grips, These are a nice modern interpretation of a classic grip. They are a...
  10. Eilonwy

    How to clean a crusty with oil chain on a 1950 Cleveland Welding Company's Royal Master

    I picked up a lady's Cleveland Welding Company, Royal Master, Roadmaster from the original owner who said it was given to her in 1950. Serial number is C61070 ACw. I've cleaned it up and was very gentle on the original paint. I need to clean the chain as it is thick with old crusty dry oil. It...
  11. Cfick3004

    Junior Roadmaste Convertible

    I picked this little gem from my Grandmother's garage sale a couple weeks back. Never saw likes before. Features great colors, convertible cross bar, apparently Schwinn hand grips, non-pneumatic tires and a Troxel seat. Markings on the chain guard "AMF" and only what i can assume "Junior...
  12. ALiEN FiRE flip bike

    ALiEN FiRE flip bike

    Women's Roadmaster