1. A

    Rollfast Skat find

    Saved this Rollfast bike from the trash because I thought it looked cool. I am clueless on bikes, so in my investigative work to find some value and a new home I came across this awesome site. (I think I just found my new hobby.) So the question leads to if this bike has any value for someone...
  2. bikesnbuses

    SOLD Bicycle T shirt lot ! 7 shirts . 1 New (but washed) mostly used ,mostly XL (on the small side)

    Cleaning out my closet What you see is what you get ..5 XL and 1 L The Schwinn Aerocycle and Pee Wee shirt have minor rips Rollfast shirt is new and a few only worn once Asking $60 for all 7 shirts shipped in the USA Yesterday at 5:34 PM Add bookmark #1 Cleaning out...
  3. S

    Rollfast Deluxe Ladys: Info Needed

    Hello everybody! First of all forgive me my English - it's not my native language. Just got old Rollfast for my girlfriend. I think it's 1957 Rollfast Deluxe (BB stamp is 75SN). Previous owner bought it years ago from eBay, and last 10 years bike was collecting dust waiting for restoration. I've...
  4. Flying Zombie

    What year is my Schwinn?

    Just Kidding, not a Schwinn but no one was replying :rofl: So this is pending arrival, but its been shook on., I Believe based on the fender brace in the back being Curved defines it as Snyder, from a little digging around on the Cabe., as well as the dropouts being flat instead of having the...
  5. kirkpatrick

    SOLD Stuff for sale

    Combining some older sale threads that were half sold, half not. Shipping included in price. PayPal only, shipped from Louisiana. Need room and moolah, make offers. SOLD...Rollfast project. Robbed stem and bars for another project. No chain, seat, tires or pedals. Everything shown. Clean badge...
  6. topnotchlsx

    Possible pre-war Hawthorne find. Can any identify?

    Hey guys and gals! I bought this bike about 4 months back and am finally doing something with it. I found it at an antique shop and stole the thing for a hefty $10! It was a complete bike. Anyway today I stripped it down the best I could in order to get it into a rider with a few parts. I...
  7. scorpius


    For Sale are 4 BMX muscle bikes The Bikes are a Mongoose , Chaos , Magna , and another bike All are in good shape and I would like to sell all 4 bikes as a lot $175 for all 4 bikes pick up would be in NY or possibly swap for interesting 26" balloon project
  8. GuitarlCarl

    GuitarlCarl's Bikes -N- Stuffs

    Foreground to back...Rockin' Rollfast from BO11, Little Neutrino from BONINE, and Dead Metal from the 2016 Offroad (Klunkoff) More Rockin' Rollfast Carl.:rockout:
  9. shwsrvcs

    My first Pre-war

    I found an ad on Craigslist that showed only a partial view of what was a very rusty bicycle for a low low price. I was lucky caller number one and the seller held it for me till the next day when I went there to pick it up. He said he had gotten up to 30 calls on it after I talked to him but...