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  1. Purzell

    SOLD State Bicycle Co. Klunker

    For sale, good condition black State Klunker. I bought it used and it’s a blast but I bought another bike unplanned so have to sell. Appears stock except grips and pedals. Price is $280 firm. Located in Sacramento, CA. I can ship on your dime. Ask for more pics if you want. Fun bike!
  2. Jbyrd666

    95 Schwinn Heavy Duti Strandie build.

    Here's my 95 Schwinn Heavy Duti/Straight-Bar Strandie build. I got the frame awhile back and planned on building a Klunker but at the last minute decided on a More BMX STYLE approach. Has the Haro Cruiser bars and a KMC 710 Half link chain, New 26 inch BMX style straight forks, Ames Repop...
  3. J

    Spitfire BMX Strand

    Hello RatRodders! Well, after my initial post seven years ago about how I've been lurking so long I have finally decided to dive in on a build thread. I don't have any huge stash of parts and want this to be a daily rider so will be slowly buying parts as I go. I hope some of you can give me...
  4. Rat Rod


  5. Rat Rod


    Just finished this Schwinn Cruiser this week. Had a spare frame and fork set that I took over to Jacob of Ideal Coatings last weekend and he powder coated it candy blue for me. I ended up using the wheel set I had built up which had the Sturmey Archer 3 speed rear drum hub and the front drum hub...
  6. Rat Rod


    I built this 70's Schwinn Cruiser up a few weeks ago. Scored the new set of blue anodized coaster wheels from someone online who had a spare set. They've got 12 gauge spokes and spin really nice. Wald 898 bars with AME Unitron grips and a Mongoose Gold stem. Running a Person's springer saddle...
  7. rev106

    Fire Road Cruise

    Sep 5th. Bike show at 9am, we ride at 10am. Bike show: enter at 8am one bike per person. People's vote at 9am. BMX cruiser ride where we cross some fire roads, yes your bike will get dirty! Stop once for water/toilet use/gather stragglers. Fun pace, but long. If you can't ride 25-35 miles then...
  8. Bicycle808

    Unknown 3-Bar Looptail...

    So, i got one of those looptail frames that @||TheDude|| was selling on RRB. (i think he has a few left as of right now... ) This is the pic from the ad, but this is how my frame looks: Well, the plan is to...