1945 Westfield custom, custom...

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So I started going through this Westfield frame I got from Jeffry Olsen. This is so bad ...! So it's a wartime frame (1945) and the crank assembly is mostly blackout parts (though the original owner tried to buff out the black). What is super cool, is the hot rod paint job done in, what looks like, the '50s. This kid was doing an all out custom, from bolting on a 'Spitfire' badge to the head tube, to amazing box pins and stripes, this bike screams of early 1950s hot rod culture! In case it ever got stolen, he wrote his name address and phone number on the underside of the chainguard lip. I am geeked to own this, and to marry my aesthetic with his. This will be my first customization of a custom. So here's to 'Rusty Kotek'...may your artistry live on!

*follow along as the project develops* (not sure why pictures didn't load right side up)

Sep 13, 2006
southern PA
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I LOVE finding period-correct customized stuff like that. May be a weird parallel, but I collect old slot cars from the '60s and '70s (Aurora and Tyco and like that) and when I'm lucky enough to find a pit box full of cars and stuff that some kid cherished and customized and tweaked and custom-built 50 years ago, I try not to break it up... I always keep it all together as a kind of time capsule.
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Ok! Scored wheels and seat!!! Wheels (from @stingrayjoe ) are New Departure hubs in ivory painted rims with a black pinstripe. Perfect match for my build, though off a CWC bike originally. They have some rust, so I will try and remove as much as possible, but the weathered patina is good for my aesthetic, so not trying to get them perfect.


The bare metal fork is a curled/rolled WALD replacement fork from??? (Got it off of a cwc roadmaster frame).


This seat is a Troxel off an Evans Colson 'Interceptor' and perfect for my hot rod build!

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Headset came in, so got that mounted as well as some truss rods I had lying around. Is that a...?

Chain dialed in. Guard in place.

Now for some jewelry! I always loved how old blue grips faded to aqua over time. Well...happened to come across pedals a while back and grips recently. So a little splash of aqua to tie in some details and compliment that stunning orange and ivory paint job!



This is coming along nicely, but WAIT...there's more!
May 14, 2013
Boise, ID
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Dude this thing is freaking RAD !!
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