1948 Columbia

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Mar 28, 2021
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Thanks for the help identifying this ol girl, my plans are to restore and ride her. This being my first attempt at something like this any ideas,thoughts, or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Jan 21, 2009
Zambales, Philippines
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It looks like you could air up the tires and ride right now. For a few feet anyway. 26 x 2.125 tires will go on those rims and fill out the fenders. I think those on it are 26 x 1.75. The spokes look good, not rusty.
The first thing would be to take it apart and assess all the parts. Wheels straight, spokes good, bearings usable. Then I would see if I could remove the green paint to see how much of the original blue was still there. The chrome fenders may shine right up as might the wheels. The handlebars have paint too, but are chrome underneath.
You could adjust all the bearings after lubing it up and ride it as is with new tires and be good to go and not spend much dough.
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