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1948 Schwinn W/Monark Springer Kustom project

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Oct 21, 2015
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I've had this one on the back burner for years, not gonna get around to it so time to move it along. The frame is a modified 48 Schwinn. The head tube was shortened to accomodate a Monark springer fork. The rear lower frame rails/chain stays were notched and patched in with metal plates welded in to clear an 80mm rear wheel. The seat post was moved back 3" for tall a tall person like myself, and cut from the bottom bracket. A coin was brazed in place to cover the hole on the BB. The frame will need finishing work before painting, sanding disc, flap wheel etc to smooth out the welds where the work was done. Also comes with a reproduction Schwinn tank, no hardware and HBBC bars that I believe are no longer available. The front wheel is a 57mm the rear is 80mm with a Nexus 3 speed hub. The tires are Bontrager Solanas. All of the modern parts are new. What you see is what I have, no head badge either. I'll post more pics soon. I'm not against parting it out with the exception that the frame and fork need to stay together.
Motivated to move this thing along, so message with questions or offers.
$950 shipped OBO


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