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1964 1965 N4 Sky Blue Stingray Deluxe $650 shipped

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Jun 20, 2010
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Here for your consideration is this very rare N4 code 1965 Schwinn Stingray Deluxe in original sky blue paint. Arguably the rarest serial number code of all the Stingrays, the N4 code represents a brief window (~11 days) where the Schwinn factory was opened to meet Christmas demand. This particular example was built December 23rd! Read more about it here: http://www.schwinnbikeforum.com/index.php?topic=22450.0

I bought this bike on eBay earlier this year. It was out of Philadelphia and was very, very dirty and crusty. I have done a lot of work cleaning chrome, buying new tires and getting it to this point. I certainly have a lot more than $600 into it but I feel this is a fair price for me and the buyer to put any additional work in.

The good:
Rare and interesting 1st gen early stingray model with the ~2.5 year only "shorty" frame.
Original reverse screen chain guard
Original S2 rear wheel
Other original parts throughout e.g. stem, crank, bars, grips, A.S. bolt seat post binder, seat post, etc.
New whitewall tires
"N4" serial number bike. Very rare stamping produced when Schwinn was opened for only 11 days in December 1964.

The bad:
The seat may or may not be original but has a rip in it under the tape.
Paint and decals not the strongest shape but may clean up.
Crank seems slightly bent but will come with a very nice, straight chrome crank
Rear hub has a bit of gunk on it. I’ll include a mint 28h Bendix red band replacement.
Sold without pedals

Thanks for looking. $600 is what I need out of it, no trades, please.


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