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1974 Raleigh Grand Prix 10-Speed

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Jun 27, 2012
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For sale is a nice Raleigh 10-speed Grand Prix I rebuilt a few years ago. I believe it is a 1974 model. 27 x 1 1/4 wheels. Has ornate lugs and wrap-around seat stays. Upgraded Suntour derailleurs. GB stem with original handlebars, handlebar tape, brake levers/extensions. Original wheelset with chrome rims and metal spoke protector. Nice set of Stronglight cranks and chainrings. Quilted mattress saddle. New tires, tubes, and cables. Old stock red brake pads. Original Weinmann center pull brake calipers. Original downtube friction shifters. Has some touch up paint here and there, but a nice bike overall. Has add-on period frame pump set up. Has very nice, add-on stainless Velo Orange fenders. Velo Orange top stops mounted to new MKS Sylvan pedals. Period add-on rear rack.

Ovaller, a nice 10-speed from the 1970s.

Priced very affordably at $125 local pick up in Litchfield, Conn.






Apr 24, 2007
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Nice that its made in Nottingham. I worked in a Raleigh dealership starting in 1972 and we got Gran(d) Prix bikes made in a variety of locations. Ireland, Netherlands, Canada, even the USA. Even though they all had the same parts, we could tell the difference in the fit & finish of the frames. It was the biggest selling model. Obviously better, even to customers, than the entry level Raleigh Record. The OEM tires were just horrible to ride on. They had tall flexible ribs that would squirm like crazy. Going around corners was a real challenge. The bike would drift so much you never knew if you were going to hit a curb. I bought a new 1978 mixti version for my mother and she is still riding it several days a week at age 91. My brother did install lower gears for her.

PS, you might list the frame size.

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