26" Murray identification

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Aug 10, 2014
Sheffield England
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Hi guys, awesome page.
Just bought this old murray badged 26" bike on ebay, found an old late 1950s catalogue that suggests its a "strato-flite".

I'm struggling to understand the frame numbers under the bb (not Sussed how to attatch photos yet on my iphone) In 3 rows it reads"MOT-W then 24x50 and then 277612" if anyone can help me date it & has any more info that'd be amazing!

Also I'm looking to find a tank to fit this bike if anyone can point me in the right direction! The gap is approx 22" by 3" at its tallest end. Cheers, Ed :)
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Jun 22, 2014
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Welcome to rrb.
Pics would help a lot with this as Murray numbers are a bit strange.
I'm on my phone here too I use tapatalk (next to the text field is a plus sign tao it then it gives a gallery icon you can have tapatalk host the pics; or if you host the pics on photobucked you can simply copy the link photobucket gives and past it.).

Iirc -W on the serial was 1963 but again pics are your friend here.

Murray also started making a few bikes in 58-9 and continued them into the late 60s with minor changes so they can be a bit tricky.
Myself I went crazy trying to I.D. my Murray built 1959 western flyer, took days of searching for hours to figure it out.
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