70 something sears spyder girls bike 5 dollar yard sale find!! barn fresh even smells like a barn

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Jun 3, 2012
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arkansas city,kansas
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well yard sale season has begun and the bike gods they a love me i was looking at stuff and bought a scooter with disc wheels ( will post in another post later it's 80's so nothing special) and i was schmoozing about bikes and the lady was like oh hey i got a 70's bike if your interested so i was like sure what the heck expecting a 10 speed or old 3 speed she rolled this out a 1970's sears spyder girls basic ugly and barn fresh bike it even has the aroma of horse apples yippee!!! ( ok enough sarcasm on to the bike) so i was like oh yeah im interested how much and before her daughter could give me the i know you want it so how high will you go price her moms shoots out 5 bucks!!! so i was like sold american!!! man her daughter gave her that i am going to kill you look but nonetheless i bought it and it is in my pile of restore bikes it looks decent the front wheel has a broken spoke and is wobbly and the seat cover is trashed but otherwise its in pretty decent shape no matter which way i go i think 5 bucks was a steal on it funny thing is im going that way again tomorrow and gonna look thru some older stuff they got that looks cool but i did promise her i would keep her scooter in a good home and i think she actually appreciates it but thats another whole project lol here is the ugly ducking basic ugly smells like horse apples and redneck inspired seat cover isn't she a gem (ok i have to stop before i die laughing) he does have good bones though i am not sure what i will do with ehr to be honest but something will be done
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