a beautiful pedal story

Jan 22, 2017
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some of you will remember my last build (coca krate).
remember that I built it for the purpose of making a friend's dream come true.

at 43, celia had never learned to cycle, finally after many hours of training today she is cycling and loves to cycle.

the coolest story comes next:

I've always been in love with schwinn 20 ", old school, muscle bikes, low riders ..

but here in Brazil it is impossible to find a bicycle like this.

after much searching I found EVOLUX BIKES CO. in the state of Sao Paulo. is 1000km from where we live.

finally i became friends with the owner of the company, they make vintage bikes inspired by american schwinn bikes.

now comes the cool part:

one day my friend celia watched the movie: FORD X FERRARI
in one part of the film a boy with a 20 "schwinn appears. she was crazy about the bike.

told me he wanted an equal.

I said that it was impossible to find a schwinn here in Brazil, but that I would see things.

finally i spoke with a group of friends and we bought an EVOLUX BIKE made to measure, in the colors and pieces she wanted, and we bought it as a surprise gift. she had no idea what was going on. I showed some pictures of the RRB and it showed the colors and models that she likes, the final detail was a low rider fork,
finally we delivered it to her earlier this year, it was a beautiful surprise.
the bike is beautiful, very well finished and in the end from time to time I can go cycling with it.
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