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Mar 31, 2011
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Lehigh Acres, (Fort Myers) Florida
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I was given this of Huffy Sante Fe. The chrome steel wheels were very rusty. I cleaned the wheels with vinegar and waxed them. My daughter wants this one. I am going to paint it Pearl Metallic Champagne Pink per her request.

Used a 3M type decal remover rubber wheel to get the graphics off. Sanded those spots and put temporary primer on for now. I'll will be priming it flat white primer prior to the Champagne Pink.



Also got a free Magna 24" Rip Curl women's cruiser. It still has the mold flashing rubber on the tread that comes in contact with the road. I'm not sure it was ever ridden. It was built with the rear rim strip rolled up to one side and the tube sitting right on the spokes. The tube was punctured on the rim contact side. New rims strip came today, tube will be here tomorrow. I never owned a 24" before and didn't have any parts. This one is going to my other daughter. It isn't much as it is real entry level but I think it is nearly brand new.

24 Magna.jpg

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