A funny thing happened on the way to the Theatre

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Dec 9, 2010
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You know how it goes when you sell parts and then find that you need those exact parts?
I was about to post some small items for the Build Off pool...

...and then this happened!
I spotted it on Kijiji fender less and sporting new W/W
knobbies. Okay...

It was missing rack and headbadge, imagine that!
I swapped the knobbies for repro darts that I also had listed locally and the Delta which was on hand and had no assigned purpose.
The fenders came with the bike as well with most needed hardware. The original light bracket is now in my parts file.
The planets must have been aligned.
Lesson learned? Keep all parts and never ever ever sell anything!;)

I think the Persons will replace the Lobdel. BTW, the dry and faded Persons was rejuvenated with a tried and true homemade paste of Bee's wax and Coconut Oil.
( I made the concoction a couple years ago and keep it on hand) Try it, You'll Like it !
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