April 4th 1961 26" Schwinn Skipper double straight bar value?

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Feb 9, 2019
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Make it another pump track slayer! Would look killer as a MTBmx.
Definitely going the BMX route. I had an epiphany while driving on the final leg of my Magical Mystery Tour, based on a build a friend of mine did on an Edge Cycles Singlespeed in 2001. I would do walk-in repairs at OTE Fruita on weekends for tips occasionally that Fall and made the sale on that bike in-between repairs one Saturday. I passed the sale to a paid employee to handle the financial part and he claimed the sale aloud after the customer pedaled out of the shop. Troy had witnessed the whole affair from the upstairs office and in front of everyone present (including customers) quickly called him out on his claim. "No you didn't, The Freak sold that bike!"

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