Arc welder brazing

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Sep 17, 2013
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The middle of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
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I got some brazing rods for my stick welder. The first thing I did was to repair a brass belt buckle. The brass stick welding doesn’t flow like regular brazing and only accumulates in a puddle under the arc. The surrounding metal isn’t hot enough for the brass to flow. I almost burned through the brass wire on the buckle repair and had to put on a cone of brazing to fix it. It is really hot and burned through some bicycle tubing I was practicing on. I turned the amps down from 125 to 100. I’m sure that someone without a central tremor could do better. The brazing arc rod tends to stick until the base metal gets hot then it’s easier. I think if it was preheated with a propane torch it would be easier to start. I think you could use this to do a frame repair but it would require a ton of filing to smooth out the lumps from the puddles. A welding repair is probably a little easier, but I’d you don’t want to grind off all the existing brazing where you need to do a repair then I think this would work.

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