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Feb 6, 2016
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London, UK
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Beautiful build, I see you've deleted the Ruff Skulls & Logo from the rear stays, looks nice and clean. I might do the same, not sure, not sure if I'd want to put something else back in there, maybe a lazer cut something. Maybe an old coin.
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Sep 18, 2019
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Twente, the Netherlands
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Beautiful build, I see you've deleted the Ruff Skulls & Logo from the rear stays, looks nice and clean. I might do the same, not sure, not sure if I'd want to put something else back in there, maybe a lazer cut something. Maybe an old coin.View attachment 190139
That is also a nice idea. Another thought I had:
Remove the thin 'bridge' part that remains as well, and leave it like that.
Or fill it with a sawn off piece of wood if it fits your build. In a way you can see the aging-rings.

So I did a ride yesterday:

Started eight-thirty in the morning. Still pretty cold. Due to limited space and good weather predictions I left my coat at home.

So what did I bring?
  • The same clothing as two years earlier when I was riding with my EmPo. Shorts, shirt, braces and a flat cap:

  • Tools to adjust the bottom bracket bearing, the chain and my seatpost + handlebars.
  • Spare inner tube and a small pump.
  • Sunscreen in a small tube.
  • Water and some bread.
  • My happy face :crazy:

The ride went really well. Like mentioned, a bit cold at the start.
I cycled to the first stop, 'farm museum Lebbenbrugge', where I ate some bread and re-tensioned my chain and bottom bracket bearing.
After that there was a beautiful gravel/sand path passing forest and old farmhouses.
Next stop was castle Vorden and its gardens/forests. Some paths here do not look like bicycles are allowed (more for hiking, due to their narrowness), but they are!
After Vorden the last bit to the historical trade city of Zutphen has started. This bit is along meadows and antique farm houses. Some farm houses are really old and show cracks in the walls and peeled of paint on their shutters. Just beautiful if you ask me!
The last kilometres to Zutphen is along the river "ijssel" with a vast field of reed to the wide river. Many old details (walls, mills) show at the small ports.

I can't describe the beauty of architecture of Zutphen. Interesting alternative culture as well.
If interested:
English Wiki on city of Zutphen

After an hour break and eating a sandwich I picked up the route back.
The first section is along the "Twenthekanaal" where mainland ships transport local goods.
Especially a part right before the town of 'Lochem' is very nice. With old hayshacks and hiking/cycling roads where no cars or tractors can get. Many wooden bridges serve as a way to cross between meadows full of farm animals and old forest.
The forests can grow old due to heritage houses and (rich) families living there. Big trees with long roots that grow towards creeks and ponds.

After the town of Lochem there is a road called "Slaapweg", litoral English translation it is the "Sleepyroad" which fits, because after around 80/90 kilometres I get kinda bum-sore and tired.
After this road there are no shops and stops anymore. Still a beautiful area, but less entertaining in a way.

There were some slight annoyances (for the balance next to all the fun) along this trip:
Man, almost 90% (or more) of other riders ride electric bikes, even very young people. In our flat country...
And road or race cyclists (racefietsers) are a bit of different culture here. They wave and say hello at each other, but absolutely refuse to greet other cyclists, even when you stand right in front of them or ask for help. Its just so weird or awkward. This keeps me from participating to ride in a club, they seem so arrogant or self-absorbed. Probably not all of them of course, but I am trying to wrap my head around that observation. I am not expressing (except for this text here) my judgment in public and always communicate with and open mind, but again, I can't wrap my head around it.

At least I got to overtake a lot of cyclists, so that's also a big win for me :grin:
This was a great trip, and just so happy with the bike! Next time I will try an other intersection-route.

Enjoy some pictures I made! Quality is not great, but good for an impression.



























Strava details! The average speed includes walking/slow riding through the villages and stopping for pictures.

Thanks for watching!
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