Burnout Dragster

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May 4, 2012
Oregon high desert
its so cool your kids are in on this!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D

Aug 28, 2008
Manteca California
Gotta say...this is really amazing work..and so happy to see the younger generation wanting to get involved...way to go !! I have used that metalflake before...but not with the anodizing paint...man that is sharp....might have to redo some of my builds ... beautiful work guys !!! Can't wait to see it done... :D
Mar 19, 2011
I love the energy of this build and that you involved your sons! Reminds me of my youth, I started building bikes as a kid along side of my dad. He was a airplane mechanic and always involved me in projects. I learned a lot from him, he taught me everything I know. And although he past a while ago I'm still in awe of him :cry: Next week is Father's Day, but isn't every day Father's Day? Enjoy!!!
We finally finished the bike a few weeks ago. We were first going to use the Sear peddles bike rims but then I located a set from a Murray from the early maybe even from the late 70s. Realized they were the same as a Ramrod Murray chopper I used to have. Since we were using the same style of chain wheel I swapped out for this set. Looks cool and brings back memories. Another trick was leaving the lock on the brake arm off to make quick changes. Back in the day my brother had given me some chrome strip reflective tape and I used it on my bike so I thought it would be appropriate this time around. We did make a test run against my younger sons 5speed Ratrod dragster and barely edged him out at the finish line. We had a chain blowout and scratched up the fresh candy paint a bit. Thats vintage bicycle dragster racing. 8)