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Mar 13, 2007
Victory! This pesky hexnut was trying to sabotage my plans of using the three-piece crank from the bmx, so i tried drilling the cap off trough the hole but it took ages. Then cut a slot through the hexnut which did not help, so i cut half of it from the side and then it started to loosen up as i tapped it from the side with a hammer and a screwdriver.

Finally the piece of trash came off with the vice grip. Then i put the other bolt half in and gave it a smacker while holding the arm, it came right off. Yess! I am stoked, cannot wait to put it in, the chainring is gonna look cool on this bike. Did some cleaning and paintremoval on the pedals and chainring too:

Tried some other handlebars and got a chain on. Like the combo, front shot:

Seat close-up:
Mar 13, 2007
Cleaned the wheels, lubricated and tuned all axles with lots of grease. Sanded down the tankplate and put it on for mock-up. It,s a rider!!



Due to experience, i am always skeptical of my own ideas when starting a build,
but it performed the way it looks. Love it.
Been jumping of the pavement and driving up the cobble-bridges like a maniac, probably great for wheelies too, but i,m not gonna try that (don,t know how/to old to learn)
These bikes are sort of ideal for a city like Amsterdam, with it,s wobbly roads and bridges it is kind of one big mtb terrain..
Not much left to do but finish the tankplate and saddle, some cleaning.

Gonna use clear coat over raw metal on the tankplate, did this before trying to create a silver look, but the metal slightly corroded under the clear coat giving off a goldish shine.
Gonna print the logo on a clear sticker foil and finish it off with a clear foil.
Might go nuts and bolts on the seatpan cover.
Mar 13, 2007
Went to the oldest hardwarestore in town, this is their shop window:

My bike in front of the building:

Upholstered the saddle:


This is the 1 to 1 1/8 inch ahead conversion:

Over the compression ring goes the dustcover, a 1 to 1 1/8 seatpost converter and over that the spacers and headset:

Printed the stickers, my girlfriend thinks they are creepy.
Is that good or a bad thing?

Well, what,s left to tell? clearcoated the tankplate, applied the decal and a layer of clear foil.
Painted the freestylemtb bmx bars and fork matte black. I am done. Am i the first one?
Will i get a prize for that?
Mar 13, 2007
Thnx people, it rides like a wild dream. The saddle was really easy to build, got some more old cruiser saddles, so probably gonna make another few.

Front suspension:
Checked out my fork. It is a Ballistic. Then i read this:

¨The Consumer Product Safety Commission Tuesday announced the voluntary recalls Tuesday of 31,000 bicycle forks.
The CPSC said two dozen reports of injuries including cuts, bruises and chipped teeth have been received as a result of the forks failing.
Answer Products Inc. of Valencia, Calif., recalled 17,500 BMX and mountain bicycle forks that were sold separately and installed on bicycles. The CPSC said the tube attaching the fork to the bicycle can fail, causing cyclists to lose control and fall.¨

So i thought, this is not ok.
It involves the ballistic 105 fork which looked similar, but couldn,t get a good pic of them,
until i found some pics of a mongoose with ballistic 105 forks and realised they were a different cheapo looking fork with a metal crown. phew...
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