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Apr 2, 2013
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Up for sale is my radiant blue August 1977 Schwinn Caliente. This bike has beautiful blue original paint but this Schwinn is better than factory. It has a tough legendary Chicago built frame,Basically everything that was good about it like frame fork wheels seat and seat post and stem was left but instead of the problematic shimano front three wheel system, a beautiful top-of-the-line Schwinn LeTour components

were added.This bike has been converted to three speed cranks,As well as derailer, Kranks, sprockets and the handlebars were upgraded to alloy for weight and strength. In addition, although original Weinman brakes were left, brake pads were upgraded with all weather modern pads. The handles were upgraded with OURY Motorcycle grips as well as modern BMX brake handles. In the process the bike was upgraded from 10 speed to 12 speed which gives it an amazing gear range that leaves even newer bikes in the dust. In conclusion this bike is the best of both worlds and is better than anything you can buy new but at a lower price. New cables and housing. The wheels are 27 inch Schwinn the tires are white wall 27 inch, and the frame is 19 inch. It cost nearly $1000 in parts and labor to build but can be yours for only $400. Good luck building something of this caliber for less. Those who are knowledgeable understand the value of this bike and what it takes to own and build one.


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