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Feb 2, 2013
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New Castle, Delaware
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The Annual Middletown (DE) Hummer's New Year Parade is a home grown walk around town that spoofs events and people who were in the headlines of the previous year. People just show up and strut their stuff. Generally it would start at 1 PM and be finished by 2 PM. I have participated in the parade since the late 1980's. The following pictures are what I have lampooned over the years. Photo 1- This was the year the nuclear power plant was having problems & Middletown was in the 10 mile arc of danger. I rigged up my bubble machine cart as a cooling tower spewing "radio active" bubbles. Great hit with the crowd. Photo 2- Next To The Last Samurai. Photo 3- Commenting on the Y2K SCARE. The sign on the scooter says "Y2K Harley Davidson". A very large and intimidating BIKER came up and asked politely could he get a photo of him on my "Y2K Hog". How could I refuse... . Notice the logo on the hat- Born to be Mild! Photo 4- Anti-Smoking Police, this was the year (2003) that the no smoking in enclosed spaces went into effect. Since it was already raining we had fun squirting the crowd. Photo 5- This was the year that improper loans were being made by the city. I gave out "funny money" to the crowd. Photo 6- The year gas prices went sky high, so I towed a gas pump behind my bike. Photo 7- My spoof on the "Occupy Movement". At the back of the tent were 2 pairs of socks- 2 facing up and 2 facing down. Most of the adults caught on.
(Click on 1st photo to see enlarged picture, then arrow forward to see the other photos)


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Nov 3, 2013
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St. Patrick’s day parade. Little kids at the front set the pace. We rode in circles as we moved down the street. Last time for that.