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Editing thread titles and content

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Jul 2, 2015
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1. Regular members will have the ability to delete a post and not a thread. The time frame for editing or post deleting is 1 month.
2. Same for premium members but their editing / deleting time is 2 months.

If there are any special cases please contact the staff and request a special status for a short period so something can be updated on your end. Or you can always report your own post and leave a note for what you are looking for. We realize that in some cases such as classifieds this causes chaos as items sell and you'd like to update those posts down the road. We'll do all we can to keep things humming along

Duplicate thread? Reach out or report it

Older stuff you want deleted? Reach out or report it

You need threads moved or even archived? Reach out or report it

Need a thread locked or title change? Hit us up

Any questions, feel free to message any one the staff and we'll do our best


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Aug 9, 2012
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Working on some things behind the scenes to see if it allows permissions to be set by separate sub forum and so forth. It's possible that there may be a lever to throw that would allow title changes and also sale/wanted updates only, but Angie needs to investigate

We'll see where it goes

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