Flying Star mini moto

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I wonder how I manage to spend a whole day on one nonsense part sometimes. It is a rider now though.

Maybe this was a terrible idea but it works

I used two cogs to make one skiptooth cog here and used a bendix 11 up front

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May 6, 2016
What is up with the spokes on the motor bike???

Your bikes are awesome!
Super classic rat stylin' :)

Texas A&M maroon tank showed up so Kate has ixnayed the bare metal scheme. Apparently aggies have this some kind of silly thing happening that causes them to preserve that color at all cost so whatever, silly aggie scooter it is. 16" Grimeca snowflakes on the way, I have a set of Bernardi brakes for them already and the 16's give me the option for dot tires or bicycle in 20"

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I was up in the air on motor choices here but fitment made up my mind for me. I only have to make a small stitch loop here for this one and the others were just pointlessly overkill or straight up might as well start over ridiculous

That Robin was just nope. That excludes the 212 by default and a Morini here would be awesome but I really do not want this to go 70

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Someone didn't think I woulx need my drill and left with it in their truck. Whatever, I can mount this .... thing when she gets home. It is still better than the tree even with the whole .... thing in my lap

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