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Jun 16, 2021
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Glad to finally be here in earnest, after lurking for several months. Casual rider (for now), more of a planner than a doer when it comes to design (more than happy to pass it off to a local bike mechanic or team up with my dad for metalwork), but an avid collector of Weird Bikes.

The past year or so is where my interest in bike designs has really taken off, and I have the rapidly decreasing amount of space in the garage to show for it. I either need a shed or to seriously re-evaluate storage in the garage before winter arrives. Never expected to find myself already at the age of 'puttering in the garage' so much.

Current roster:
Custom 'Half-Penny' Electric Penny Farthing 29er
Diamondback Edgewood Hybrid w/TSDZ2 Mid-drive, powered by EGO batteries
Huffy Green Machine
Custom Drift Trike built off of what was originally a Razor DXT frame
Felt MP Cruiser (Army Green, not sure about year)
A mini high-wheel, an even SMALLER Penny Farthing style bike, with either a 16 or 20" front wheel. I forget the size right now...
A pile of parts and a frame that will one day be stretched and reassembled into an adult-size Huffy West Coast Choppers Cruiser.

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