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May 7, 2013
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The Netherlands
Do you know the Mosselman? He comes from Scheveningen:

@Frankie plekhand :grin:

Sorry for that piece of Dutch culture, great memories from the 90's.

So the thread of the driver is toast. Took me some time to remove the nut:

I replaced it with the Shimano CB-E110 driver which is very similar!
The only things that are different: It is a bit wider (+2mm chainline) and the small driver-side bearing of the Shimano is a bit bigger (bigger balls :21: )




The broken one with thread.

After this I reassembled the rear hub, and put the chain back on. I think it is quite foolproof now.
Only one anomaly I observed: The rear sprocket/cog spring that holds it in place on the driver, was square instead of round. It came off of a older version of the Shimano coaster brake series. Does anyone ever noticed this?

So I found a second hand rollerbrake with a huge heat sink/cooling fin.

Let this sink in...


Tape added so I can paint the rest.


One problem...... I am missing something here...... where do I mount the brake cable? I think I need a 'link unit' or arm of some sorts.

Sigh... rollerbrakes...

@OddJob you are right, I like the chainguard aligned with the chain better (it was quite dark already):

Haha yes de mosselman, i have a cd single somewhere๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
And yes you need a cable hook, maybe i have one laying around, i'll check when i get home today!

Edit: i see you already ordered one..