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Jun 14, 2016
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San Antonio
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I'm way overdue to post this intro. Got back on my bike in 2016 when I got my then 5-year-old a little Ninja Turtles bike at a local sporting goods store. I was riding my old Cannondale MTB with him. Having him on a bike inspired me to haul my first bike out and consider fixing it up for him. It's an early 70s AMF Texas Ranger Quarter Horse that I got when I was little older than my son is now. That project is under way. But looking at my old muscle bike got me wondering if anyone made bikes like that for adults, which led me to the internet and eventually to this site. (Turns out someone does make muscle bikes for grown-ups, and they congregate here!)

There should be a warning on this site. First I picked up a $20 CL "Raleigh" which turned out to be a 1990s Schwinn (I think) that is little more than a frame and wheels. A future project. Then I got a CL "Schwinn" that someone had painted pink. It's actually a Huffy, probably a Good Vibrations, I'm guessing from the 80s. Now it is painted blue, with a sissy bar, ape hangers and a banana seat and gets ridden a lot. Then, for no good reason, I picked up a Murray Monterey, my current ongoing project (converting it to a 3 spd and repainting it). Then picked up a $20 Cranbrook to rob parts off of. Oh, and the Cannondale MTB now has whitewalls, a riser handlebar and cruiser seat.

Two years ago I was happy with just one bike...

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