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Jun 7, 2015
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In the Mitten
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Hey, new forum member and reader. Like most I've always like bikes as well as all other wheeled vehicles. I like what many of you are doing to revive the vintage looks and styles. While I have Car/Truck/Motorcycle projects I'm also looking forward to building some unique and custom bicycles. Anxious to start reading others threads here to glean some good ideas.
My most recent and simple project (in the avatar) was just a decent cruiser for in town that better fits my style. I got tired of trying to convince myself I should learn to like my sons hand me down old mountain bike. Sold that and bought a used cruiser bike, re-painted, bobbed the rear fender, added ape hangers and custom grips and an old headlight rescued from an antique store. Nutting fancy just something to take slow rides with.
Next up will be project to take an older skip tooth bike and create an old board track racer look. I love that style motorcycle and would like to make the budget version with a bicycle. So I'll be looking for many creative examples in this forum.
Jun 3, 2012
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arkansas city,kansas
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welcome to the site you have come to the right place to find ideas on board track racer themed bikes. we love them here .
would love to see more pictures of you're cruiser it looks cool.