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May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN

I went for a 12 mile ride tonight and felt that the Hot Rod 'Liner is done.
I've had a great time with a lot of talented and supportive people.
Thanks for all your help.

Things changed a lot from the beginning
I didn't get some of the stylin' parts done I wanted.
What I got was a great riding bike that is a bit unique, really shiny, and reasonably fast
27.5 lbs, 52/16 gears, Big and Littles (45mm and 28mm)

Here it how I bought it.

Here it is finished:

This is my neighborhood in Mpls.

Rode down by the river again

Franklin Ave bridge over the Upper Mississippi River
Awesome day today.

I actually rode all the way down to the river and back up again
(and my knees aren't yelling at me :lol: )

Then went on the Greenway. Huge mural!

Some earlier shots:
Downtown Mpls in the back ground

The Sabo bike and ped bridge

The rabbit

Nothing could be finer than ridin' the Hot Rod 'Liner

I love Spaceliners!!
Thanks for looking.
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May 14, 2008
one of the cleverest spaceliner builds ive seen in a while! :mrgreen: the modern parts work perfect with the space-age frame. very creative work.
Jul 5, 2011
Sauk Prairie, WI
I love the utter simplicity of this build! The only thing I would've made different is made it a 10 speed :lol: but I absolutely love this
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Hey Everybody,

Wow. Thanks for all the great responses! :D :D
I'm a really happy and a bit surprised.
I didn't think I get this much feedback.
I appreciate it a lot!

I tried using the KISS principle so I could focus on getting it set up and I could ride something kinda cool around town.
I hoped that by making a clean build, it emphasizes Viktor Schreckengost's artistic eye (Spaceliner designer).
I glad that others are enjoying that too.
It's really interesting to hear different response (all through the competition).
I see things I haven't thought of. That's awesome!

Here is a pic at the Mosaic of the Americans (without a flat tire :lol: )

texasbigjon said:
one of the cleverest spaceliner builds ive seen in a while! :mrgreen: the modern parts work perfect with the space-age frame. very creative work.
Thanks TexasBigJohn. You're right, when I look at it now, they do go together. I guess the shiny bits match. :lol:

karfer67 said:
bet its the fastest spaceliner ever built. well done
Thanks Karfer. I guess that was a goal in the back of my head. Just because it's an older bike doesn't mean it can't be fast. :D

Rat Rod said:
Every part on this bike is perfect for this build.
Thanks Rat Rod. I really glad you like or else I might get kicked off :lol:

slow rider said:
love this build! the only thing I would have done diffrent if it was mine. is put a 12 tooth rear sprocket on to make it a real rocket. grate job on this build!
Thanks Slow Rider. I had a 52/13 setup for a while, and I could pedal hard down hills (Wheee!) but it was brutal from a stop. If your gonna build a coaster, sorry, the smallest is 13 (I looked :lol: ).

Craiggo said:
I love the utter simplicity of this build! The only thing I would've made different is made it a 10 speed :lol: but I absolutely love this
Thanks Graiggo. Sometimes the KISS principle works. It was less hard for me to screw up :lol: I was looking for a lighter bike to work with a single speed so no hand brakes (I really like coasters). You should try a Liner as a 10 spd.

snydur said:
the combo of metals and black is just perfect. this one will be a real comepetitor
Thanks Syndur. I was thinking I might blacken the pedals for more balance but I'm glad I didn't (with your approval)
I almost put on silver handlebar wrap too but after abandoning the all metal seat, I think the black tape works better.

Fireproof said:
Man! That’s SUPER CLEAN! I dig the big/little combo, and I would have never thought to use the “Vs” . . . COOL! 8)
Now tell the truth . . . was that 26mph going downhill? :p
Thanks Fireproof. I'm glad you like the different interpretation of big and littles.
I kept looking for something to make the bike pop and I think the V's helped.
I swear that I went 26.4 mph peak speed as an average of 2 runs (1 North and 1 South). The numbers are all here:
The pic was from a wind-at-my-back ride (on flat ground) but reflects the next set of high gear runs.
I used to work at GM and remember the LS7 Vette's doing north/south 0-100mph runs (Oh Man!) so I tried to do did the same (except the 100 mph bit).

KC so-cal said:
um! yeah everything they said :mrgreen:
Thanks KC so-cal.

Brentley said:
I am digging those deep v wheels, how wide is the rear wheel and tire out of curiosity? Nicely done, it's cool to see a very usable classic, i sure would have a time pushing my bike 12 miles.
Thanks Brentley. Glad you like them. The rear tire is 45mm and the 13mm rim strip tape filled the whole surface. I'm pushing the limits of the tire/rim combo and it took me a bit to get them installed correctly but now they work dependably. I'm glad you appreciate the in-use factor. I pushed it home once (early on) too. :lol:

Skipton said:
Hardcore Hot Rod!

This bike just oozes COOL! Shiny, Cool Parts, Big & Little's.... ETC ETC...

The fixxie Guys must turn there heads..... when you pass them :mrgreen:

Great Job one a great bike! Mixing cool old with cool new!

BIG POINTS... for it RIDING IT! :mrgreen: 8)
Thanks Skipton. Thanks for your great support though this build.
When I was taking the pic at the railroad bridge, a guy on a fixie gave me a "thumbs up" :D
The goal was to ride it to the beach, surprisingly it worked!

jerrykr said:
What everyone else said, and great pictures too!I like it a lot!
Thanks Jerry k r. The pics just reflect how lucky I am to live in Mpls.

Here is a couple more pics from yesterday.
I'm going to keep taking/posting them until the deadline.

The rest of the Longfellow Mural

I can make it ride in the other direction but the glare hurts my eyes :lol:

Thanks for looking.
Sep 21, 2007
ICT, Kansas
Nice combination of vintage classic and high tech bike. Looks like one fast Spaceliner.
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner More pics 28Jul11


I went on ~7 miler tonight.
Another nice evening in Mpls.
A bit cloudy to start but I got this shot on the dock of Lake Nokomis
It kept rolling and I didn't know if I'd have to fish it out of the lake :lol:

Then I took a lap around the lake.
The gearing must still be fast yet because I caught and past an Older Roadie on a carbon frame bike.

There is an art walk on the east side of the lake.
This is one of the pieces. One way to use old car, motorcycle, and bike parts

I worked up a sweat so I went to the beach.
The air temperature was perfect and the water was warm, awesome!

Had a tough time balancing this one but I couldn't help myself with the sky so cool.

I rode over to Lake Hiawatha to get a better shot of the "lake creature"

Then I found this neat carved rock.

On the way home I heard bagpipes (?!)
There was a group of people practicing.
I sat and listened for a while. They were pretty good!

I couldn't pass up this shot with the sun sinking lower and getting more yellow.
The hood ornament is cool.

Another great ride on my "beach cruiser" :lol:

motopsyco said:
Faster, lighter, faster, shinier, & especially FASTER :lol:
What more could you want in a hot rod?
Thanks Motopsyco. I feel exactly the same way!!

dangratsdan said:
Nice combination of vintage classic and high tech bike. Looks like one fast Spaceliner.
Thanks Dangratsdan. I appreciate your comments.

Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny again so I'm wondering where to go next.

Thanks for looking.
Nov 18, 2007
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner More Pics 28Jul11

I'd like to say: "Clean and simple!"...But there ain't NOTHING simple about this bike. GREAT build!
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner More Pics 28Jul11

The spaceliner frame is my favorite frame. I've never owned one but I love the design.
you just made me love them even more. You built an awesome bike, so did all of the other builders.its gona be hard to choose my other two picks.... :D
Jan 23, 2011
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner More Pics 28Jul11