Hot Rod 'Liner

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Feb 12, 2011
Puyallup, WA
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner More Pics 28Jul11

Very inspirational!! I've been thinking about building a fixie (or a coastie :wink: ) with deep V's for flying around town, but I'm in love with the lines of vintage cruisers. Your bike is the perfect answer!! And, it's very shiny! Great build!!
Mar 19, 2009
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner More Pics 28Jul11

You had me at the 3 piece crank. Most would have left it as is in your before pic. Looks fast and light. Nice build great bike and different from the others.
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner Fri29th 'Liner Ride


Thanks so much for your compliments.
I am seeing different things in the bike after hearing your responses. :D

Went for a ~21 miler tonight
88F, Low wind, dewpoint, and humidity, perfect.

Went straight over to the lake chain to get the sunshine.
Hilly all the way over
Played tag with a woman roadie between stoplights, fun

I stopped by the rose garden.
Found this sun dial that said "Only count the sunny days". :D

Headed down to Lake Harriet beach. Tough to get a shot but easy to cool off in.

Went around Harriet and stopped by the Bandshell
The low wind helped me but not the sail boats

At the bandshell, they were setting up for a free concert
Had some nice jazz going

Headed north to Thomas Beach on Lake Calhoun.
They have great map kiosks for bikes
Downtown Mpls in the background

Went around Calhoun and ended at the Tin Cup
Everybody was having fun and lots of bikes in the racks

Went North to my old running spot, Lake of the Isles
Kids were jumping off this bridge and they asked me if I was going to jump
I tried to say politely "Not Today" :lol:

Finished Lkae of the Isles and headed Uptown
The library has some cool metallic art

So my bike fell while trying to balance it :lol:
The seat moved a bit
So I headed to the free bike repair place, awesome
That is the Greenway below

Time to get home so hit the Greenway and could keep a steady pace
No Handed Action Shot :lol:

Stopped for the last light left on the Sabo bike bridge

I'm tired but I'm happy that the bike is solid.
I'll response to your comments after some sleep :lol:

Thanks for Looking.
May 20, 2008
Sherman Oaks Ca
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner Fri29th 'Liner Ride pics

Im lovin those pictures, all of them.

i have a set of those super deep V's on my roadbike, they look great.

super cool, super ridable.
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner Sat30th Morning Mural pics


Thanks again for the posts.
I'll respond after a nice nap :lol:

I had to do my last pics this morning.
Needed the light to be right.

I really like this mural on the Angry Catfish LBS
The lake chain on the left was Friday's ride

Does anybody remember Pogo? Or pay phones? :lol:

The Hub bike Co-op put this up recently. Very Cool.
I guess it's a tribute to Co-ops of the past.

Minnehaha Falls didn't have too much light but the clouds started rolling in
Carrying HRLiner up all the stairs was tough

Found some Cows. They seemed disinterested in my bike.

Okay, I'm done with riding before the deadline.

Thanks for looking.
Dec 29, 2010
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner Sat30th Morning Mural pics

Hey S,

I love how the bike came together!

You really took it out for a tour of the town, too.

I love the "Bike Baywatch" photo. It's goin' on Coasties.

Coasties wheels
Jun 29, 2009
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner Sat30th Morning Mural pics

Mmmmm...I'm lovin' this. Just awesome. Verrrry sleek and clean!
Your restraint and good taste are to be applauded - REALLY well done! 8)
Aug 16, 2008
Spanish Fork, Utah
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner Sat30th Morning Mural pics

I love what you did with this bike. I want to get a deep v set of wheels like that sometime. I want to paint them white so it would look like a fat whitewall from a profile view.
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN
Re: Hot Rod 'Liner Sat30th Morning Mural pics

Hey Everybody,

I'm overwhelmed by all your responses.
Thank you so much for all your compliments and comments.
What a great competition to be in!

I have to post one more of Lake Calhoun with Downtown Mpls in the background.

Thanks for looking
Jan 21, 2011
Benton, KS
tvc15 said:
from one "liner" builder to another... great work, just so clean and stylish... I love it!
+1 Super Clean! Super Sweet & an awesome collection of parts! Go Liners! Amazing how different these frames look with different parts on them! These frames are one of the best looking styles in my opinion. ( I am a little biased though) Great job Steve! :mrgreen: 8) 8) 8)
May 2, 2011
Minneapolis, MN

I gotta say the quality and creativity of everybody's build is really high!
What a great competition!

Thanks for all your positive comments. :D
I was planning on commenting on everyone's post but I'm overwhelmed at the task.
So I just gonna say that I think we have a great group of people on the site and I really appreciate it.

I forgot how many Spaceliners were being built and I'm blown away! 8)
Great to see so many different ways of doing them.
I see others agree
I can't wait to see new ones :D
Go 'Liners!!

Thanks for putting up with my lengthy posts but I just a bit proud of my city :lol:
I didn't put as much work as a lot of other people but
part of the reason is only 3 months of summer up here.
It's now 2/3 over, so I wanted to get as much riding in as possible :D

I saw a few people in the "discussion" thread mention that there is so many cool bikes we need many more ballots :lol:
I totally agree.
I'm wondering of someone is going to put up some non-trophy/unoffical votes for honorable mentions like
Best Pinstriping
Most Creative Suspension
Best Stance
Coolest Tire/Wheel combo
Best Details
Most work
etc, etc, etc
I think they may all have to be at least ten each :lol:
Maybe I'll post this in the discussion page but I feel little too new to take the initiative

One more pic (for now)

Thanks for looking