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Feb 20, 2022
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My name is Ryan, I’m about to be 29. And I’ve kind of always liked to tinker with bikes. At one point I had like 27 bikes stuff in a tiny shed at my moms house when I was in middle school. In 2009, I built my first low rider bike. Found almost everything in the trash that someone was throwing out, I put another $150 into it, my dad had a client that offered to paint it for me and being a teenager, I wanted “Bam Margera lambo purple” lol. Later I traded that bike for a drum set. My sister had found another low rider bike in the trash and brought it home to me, well I looked at my Huffy Slither that I could never get set up how I liked and slapped the springer forks and ape hangers on it and absolutely loved it. So backstory on the Slither, I got it out of the trash when I was visiting my dad one summer when I was about 11, he kept it for me for 3 years til I moved back in with him. I had tried to build it as a BMX bike, could never get the brakes right, never found a set of bars or forks I liked. And that’s when I was just messing around in the garage and finally found a set up I liked. Painted it black in highschool. Later I painted it yellow for some reason, then went to “patina” the paint. Found a hog skull and made a “fender.” Patina’d some of the chrome bits I purchased later to match the rest.

I have a couple frames in my storage that I plan to build up eventually, just trying to figure out what I want to do.

Anyways I’ve rambled for a while, here’s some pics.


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Jul 16, 2019
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America's Friendly Hat
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That mixte cruiser with the fender would make a cool build, got some nice lines. Look around a bit, there's plenty of inspiration and don't be afraid to as questions, advice flows pretty freely here. I need to get my hands on one or two of those Slithers. Endless possibilities
Oct 15, 2008
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The Bayou City
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The frame on the gold bike on the right looks very unique. What did you make it from?

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