Huffy Maxx Mountain single speed conversion

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Apr 24, 2007
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24" tank converted to single speed. Doesn't ride any better but you don't have to mess with gears that didn't work. Another speedy conversion. meh a waste of time. Should have just scraped it out.

The individual cogs on most freewheels are splined and held on by the smallest gear that threads on. Some have a separate threaded ring, those are pretty low quality. Some have the 2 smallest gears thread on. That's what I used for this. A shimano freewheel with all the gears removed and the 17 threaded back on. That gets the chain line pretty close to the middle crank sprocket.
The seat post was bent so I had to replace that. I put on some kid size bmx bars to get more height for a potential taller rider. The oem wheels, tubes and tires are so heavy that it kills the ride. And short cranks on the kids bike. Would certainly benefit from aluminum rims, longer cranks and wider bars but I've had enough of it. It's going to the local bike coop tomorrow.The Y frame design is a rip off of the Trek Y-bikes that were a big hit in the 1990s.

Before photo

after photos


freewheel close up.


Another Maxx Mountain that pass by me last year. A better color for sure.