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Jan 8, 2022
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Hi guys I’m new to the forum so I am just learning about how it works but anyway I am interested in purchasing a Felt El GUAPO Monster Energy 24” CHOPPER CRUISER BIKE and would appreciate any tips or info that would help! IF I CANNOT FIND A FELT MONSTER CHOPPER I AM ALSO INTERESTED IN THE FELT EL GUAPO 24” CHOPPER IN BLACK AND GREEN. I live in Honolulu Hawaii and would need bike shipped so if y’all know of any sites or platforms that offer free or affordable shipping for cruiser chopper bikes for men please let me know. I really would like the Felt Monster Chopper but if I cannot find one that I like do y’all have any tips or suggestions on where I can find similar choppers and cruisers that offer affordable shipping to Honolulu Hawaii? I would appreciate any help or tips so either reply here or hit me up on my email- [email protected]. - THANKS, [email protected]


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Jul 20, 2011
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Virginia Beach, VA.
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B3.......I just went to BikeFlights to get an estimated quote of shipping a complete Felt Cruiser from Virginia to Hawaii and it will cost about $267-285........ That is who I use for shipping Bicycles and they use UPS to ship. Just for your information before considering what final cost will be for a cruiser......Say $350 for the bike and $285 for shipping ......Thats $635

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