Josie's Skate Trike

Sep 28, 2006

It's never really over because this trike is ridden daily by Josie and all the other little kids on our street.

That's Mee-Maw in the background doing a safety inspection.

Found the Hello Kitty tassels and bell in the dollar bin at Target.

The boards are sturdy.

"I like my big pink trike!"

You can see the blue pearl in this shot.

music video

A couple of days before the end of the contest two of the bigger kids on the street cracked the frame. Pee-Paw welded it back together and applied black pinstripes all over the place. Unfortunately I did not have time to re-photograph it before the contest deadline.


We had a lot of fun on this build. The next one will be a "trail a bike" tandem adapter customization. :)
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