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Dec 31, 1969
I will say that this was not an easy decision to make. Everyone did an awesome job on their builds and the bikes turned out fabulously.

There were three criteria that I based my decision on...

1. Build Thread
2. Capture of the Klunker vibe
3. Did I like the finished bike?

After mulling it over for a whole week I decided that the Colson Klunker by cashman was my choice.

The Morrow hub, the front drum brake, the cool paint job, and the skip tooth drive train did it for me. Not to mention that he ended up using white walls which just sort of made it the perfect Rat Rod Klunker. :wink:

So congratulations to cashman for building such a cool ride and thanks to everyone else for participating in a fun build off! :D

Cashman wins an autographed copy of the Klunkerz DVD by the director Billy Savage.

Oct 15, 2007
Grand Rapids, MI
That is great! Sweet ride, as well as all of the other Klunkerz. Congratulations! :mrgreen: The Klunker Build Off was indeed a great one to watch. 8)
Feb 14, 2008
nice build, great job, well done, gee what more can i say. oh yeah, i like it.

Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
Wow!!! Thank you Steve!!! There were so many cool bikes in the buildoff just as worthy of winning as the Colson. It was a hard decision I know. I want to thank God for all the blessings He has provided me in life. Thanks to all of my fellow Rat Rodders for keeping this site stocked with fresh ideas. My hat is off to all of you for the maturity shown here and the acceptance of all kinds of bikes. I learn something new here just about everytime I log on. I will enjoy watching the Klunkers DVD. Most of those guys are in the same age group as me and I kinda feel a kinship with them. I would be great to meet some of them sometime. It's true, "Every Day is a Buildoff Here".

Again thanks to everyone here!!

you hit the nail on the head there. maybe i will be better prepared next time one of these things come around. that is the essence of what i think of when i think klunker and love everything about that bike. must ride great and again, job well done. everyone deserves props for entering.
Sep 13, 2007
Northeast Alabama
Here was the Colson today.

In honor of winning the buildoff, I rode the Colson down to Dollar General to buy some balogna and bread for supper. Made it fine. I've found this is my all purpose ride of choice for now!!! Thanks!!!
Congrats Cashman!

hey RatRod, how about an honorable mention or two? what bikes almost had you?