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SOLD Late 40's Hiawatha

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Aug 30, 2015
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I got this one last summer and haven't had time to do anything with it. Hope it can find a good home it needs a small amount of work but not much. Late 40's early 50' maybe.The seat is not correct but in decent shape it's dark brown in color. Some dip$h/t braised the chain guard bracket to the frame instead of putting the bolt back in. I was going to grind it off and shoot some grey primer on it I think it would match perfect to the paint. The back wheel needs to be trued up a bit also. It has a couple loose spokes. The rear rack is missing the braces. The fork has been straightened by the same guy that fixed the chain guard it looks like. It is straight now just the wrong method if you ask me. The rear fender needs some adjustment it also has some dings in it. Nice chrome on the hubs they seem to work fine. Decent chrome on the rims with what appears to be almost new Carlisle chain tread tires. Original paint on the bike with chips and scratches. The tank is in very good shape no rust or dents to speak of. The skip tooth chain ring has very nice chrome on it nice and straight. With very little work this will be a nice cruiser. I think I have covered it all ask questions if needed. There are quite a few pictures to look at now if I could figure out how to get them posted right. Lol. $425 shipped from Mn to lower 48 PayPal for payment please


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