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May 30, 2021
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Here is my latest build. Started life as a girls Huffy 3 speed bike that my sister got new for Christmas in 59. I had the bike all restored for my wife to ride about 30 years back, but she never liked riding and it just never fit her. I offered it back to my retired sister, but she didn’t want it either. So… I decided to tear it all apart and make a board tracker out of it. I found a Hoffman springer fork on EBay, aluminum rims off of a donor bike, cheap China girl 2 stroke engine. I built the fuel tank out of a 3” piece of exhaust tubing, headlight was off of a tractor. I built the banana tube exhaust and installed it to help give the illusion of a drop tube frame. I had to build my own intake manifold to mount the carb outside the frame due to the engine sitting so high. I installed a rim brake on the rear just in case I were to lose the pedal chain. Not the fastest thing, but it will run 30 all day long and handles great

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