Long Shot, The back alley bomber. FINISHED!!!

People everywhere duck and cover at the sound of the air raid siren's scream.

I'm finished!!! Had to work through all day today but I did it! It's done!

I ended up gutting the siren and mounting a electric motor from a model airplane inside. When you pull the hand lever it spins like mad and really sounds like a slightly higher pitched version of an air raid siren. The rechargeable battery is hidden in the tank.

I looked everywhere for rivets, once I found the ones I wanted I tested it on a scrap piece of metal. I'm glad I did. It looked horrible. So I decided not to use them. I'm really glad I waited to test it first. If I hadn't I would have had 100 holes in the tank with nothing to fill em but these hideous rivets.

Feb 18, 2007
Seattle Wa.
"OUTLAW" this is great, You should bring it to the thursday event, also the sunday event,
I love the colores in the clouds with the bike, nice job,
Renagade Muscle
"We" build our bikes like we like it, Fast and Hard
May 24, 2008
Great bike. D'you take Paypal?
Apr 22, 2008
I'm interested in the inner workings of your siren! too bad the rivets didn't work out, the bike looks great.
Scott 8)
Sep 26, 2009
I don't remember having seen this one yet. - Stunner.

This is an old thread.

Who knows what other awesome creations lie within this forum?

Very happy about this place.

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