Long term Lurker - Joined at last!

Apr 2, 2021
Cambridge UK
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Howdy Folks,

Thought it was about time I joined the forum, I've taken to looking at stuff on here for ages and finally decided it's high time I gave a little of my stuff to the pot of madness.

So, Based in the UK bike central (Cambridge). I've had my fair share of bikes from vintage roadsters, drop bar racers, town bikes, mountain bikes, bmx's, shopper bikes, lowriders and cruisers. currently own 1 customised town bike (once a lightweight racer). a Raleigh Scorpio that's in bits stored away, vintage Falcon racer, a rather bitza mash together Raleigh stow-away folder and a lashed together far from normal Schwinn beach cruiser that turns a few heads wherever it goes!

What started out as a pretty tame looking beach cruiser I bought sprayed badly black stripped that off to find a rather lashed at original paint underneath

I think the previous owner wanted to delete all the decals but as they were under lacquer ended up taking it back to metal, then changed their mind and rattle caned it black. that's my guess anyway.
I soon started adding my own twist on it and for a while it was a massive ape hanger head turner

I rather bent the head tube of the springer forks using so much force from pedaling up hills or leaning against them so at some point I need to replace it and find a use for the springer forks!
After a while I decided to make my own banana saddle but that meant the apes were too wide for my little arms so I swapped to lower bars. (one day the apes will go onto another bike! for the time being they're stored safely in my shed!)

Was a sort of bobber look for a while. recently re-did the saddle in "pleather" so it's all weather and put some cowhorn bars on. this was just before I swapped out the "tank" board and bars...

Currently it sits like this and I'm next looking to rebuilt the wheels with some wider rims (hopefully got some 65mm rims lined up!)

Happy cycling, hopefully I'll get to interact with a few and learn a few bits along the way or share some of my experiences if it helps. Every day is a school day as they say! ;)

Stay safe
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