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WANTED Looking for 27,5x1.75 rim brake rear wheel

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Nov 5, 2021
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McMinnville, TN
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Would prefer non-auction, non-FB/CL listings so I can bookmark for when I have money.

Kinda split on if i want something that's intentionally single speed only, or with a freehub.

I don't have a metric tape measure and my eyes aren't great at reading the small marks but I'm getting 5 5/8th inch approximate between dropouts, which doesn't seem right since that translates to a touch over 142mm.

Edit: And I was right to suspect errors in measurment: Asked huffy and they say dropout width is 135mm.

Bike is a 2020 huffy parkside (SE) if that helps anything. Very 'comfort cruiser hybrid' style bike.

Would also accept listings for cassette body hubs that don't have disc brake mounts, or even a coaster brake hub (bonus if there's an easy way to swap the cog out.)

This is more a fishing expedition than anything. I don't have money on hand. I'm just trying to figure out what's generally considered reasonable. Since 'oh that? it'll cost three hundred bucks' just... isn't reasonable. Hence the inclusion of hubs as an option. Relacing would be a headach but it's a far sight cheaper.
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Dec 14, 2020
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Sta-Tru Rear Wheel 650B / 27.5" (584 ISO) x 21mm Quick-Release Axle​

(5.0)5 stars out of 1 review1 review
Was $59.43$59.43
Found this at Walmart but the rim is silver. They may sell one with black rim also. This looks like it mounts a freewheel instead of a cassette. Hybrid bikes tend to have freewheel rear hubs. It is listed at 135mm wide. One may well be able to find a suitable wheel at used bike shops, the dump, or on Craigslist or like sites for cheaper. Good luck finding your rear wheel.

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