(MBBO) Class 2 "Sick Trike " fall back move forward DOne stamp!

Jan 2, 2012
Ocean County NJ
Well i have a ton of things going on , so entering this build off is not only risky with all the talent on Rat rod Bikes and a true challenge with all the builds going on , but my buddy Crash asked me about entering .
My biggest problem is time this year, and i had no real idea in what direction to go with . But with a Killer Tank just obtained from The Drag King Jim Henderson and some parts laying around i might be able to pull something off at least cool looking . It will all Hinge on the rest of the parts needed to make what i have in my head . Locating them and buying them is the key .

Here is the main Doner parts ..

And My loft of bike crap >>
Jun 25, 2014
Looks sic, but how are you going to use the tank? The only springer that I could figure out how to make work is the rat trap springer. Can't wait to see how you proceed.
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Jan 2, 2012
Ocean County NJ
Well Now that things have shifted a bit with the Tank dilemma i was tinkering around looking at the rear wheel set up . I bought 26 inch wide wheels but i had one shcwinn chopper wheel and wanted to check it out on the trike .
I'm not sure how you guys feel about it but i think it looks better ?
I have to score another 20x 4.1/4 wheels some place to make it happen then see how to make it a coaster wheel for the other side .
I also finished the bracket and extended the head tube for it to work on this frame ..

Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
I used one of those rear wheels last year in the MBBO2. It wasn't until a couple of months ago when I found a smaller gear for it, that HEadBanGeR wasn't a slow parade route cruiser... (not exactly Muscle Bike performance) But they had to make it an easy pedaler, cuz it's a tank tread to get movin'. The smaller gear lets me transfer at least some of my horses to the pavement, with the stock OCC front sprocket.