Merlin NewsBoy (Titanium) in OR

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Oct 15, 2008
Crystal Beach, TX
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I often lusted after those. Alas, I have never been on a titanium budget. I think they were originally sold with 2 sets of wheels: one road and one mountain.


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Jul 2, 2015
Mid-Willamette Valley, Oregon
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Holy crapamoly. That could be a quiver killer - the bike which renders the entire stable obsolete.
Well, if had one...then I'd want a second so I didn't have to switch wheels around. Then a full suspension for downhill. Something with a banana seat, but for adults. A big bmx so I can feel like I'm ten again, a race bmx so I can fulfill a childhood dream (and break a few bones here and there), those OG klunkery bikes are pretty cool! :blush:... No such thing as a quiver killer :grin:.
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