Mongoose Deception or Stat 29er

Would you have bought this?

  • No way!

  • Sure, for a $1

  • If it was VERY cheap.

  • Yes, it has possibilities.

  • Honey, it followed me home...

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Apr 1, 2014
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OK - this is different.
A Mongoose Deception or Stat 29er, I think.

Police auction special, unknown history, other than stolen and beat. I got to the auction with 45 min to size up about 380 bikes so about 6 seconds per bike.

This bike spray painted flat black and covered in tiny Marvel superhero stickers was just so... Interesting.

As the auction progresses numbers sometimes are not announced, and sometimes bikes without! $1 starting bids are grouped together and lucky winner gets a 2fer!

So far rusty chain rehabbed via pbblaster, and bald tires hold air, roll and stop via working discs. Shimano tourney rear derailleur still shifts SOLID! However BB is VERY SLOPPY tho and only 1 crank arm present?

Anyways, I have some pieces to throw at it so who knows?
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Apr 14, 2015
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I wouldn't get to excited don't pay much for it like 20$ maybe . Not high end Wally World special

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