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Jun 16, 2010
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Hey everyone, I'm new to the group. Some say I'm a bit obsessed about bikes, I say it's all about perspective. I'm sure many of you are MUCH more "obsessed" than I am.

Mostly ride tandem bikes with my wife (we now have 4). One road tandem, one coupled road tandem (for travel), one full suspension MTB tandem and most recently an old Huffy tandem. I guess the reason I'm here is b/c I'm doing a bit of work to the old Huffy tandem. I did a few searches and found your forum with some great information, so I joined. I do also a fair bit of riding on my own (not just on the tandems) mostly mountain biking.

The Huffy tandem looks like the ones in this post

Still need to figure out how much I want to put into it (paint/powder coat - maybe).

So far I've replaced handlebars, grips, chain(s), wheels (not sure if they'll hold up to tandem), grips, saddles. Still need to find some fenders if I go through and get painted. I might add a front side pull brake too (or swap out the fork and do something different - maybe linear pull).

That's it for now. I hope to learn from the group.
One more thing - DS2199 does not mean anything. I joined another forum and wanted to use DS650 (as in dual sport 650 motorcycle) and many of the DSXXXX names were already taken... so I skipped to 2199

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