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Dec 19, 2021
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Hey everybody, just got my projects out of deep storage. This ride was my son's as he was growing up. He was really a big wheel, hot roddin' the Chopper around the neighborhood. The bike is a 20" AMF Flying Wedge, 4" over springer forks (24"), 4" under front wheel (16") which in my opinion sets the ride, handling, and overall balance of the bike pretty even. Schwinn bars, stem, grips, and peddles. Heavy-duty spoked rear wheel. Flea market seat. This bike is like a member of the family, very special to us.

Now that I have retaken possession from my son the plan is a full tear down and rebuild for the next generation (grandson) with updated mods, a funky metallic green paint job, custom high back sissy bar, secret hinged door stash spot in the frame openings where the caps once were, new tires with a fat wide slick in back. Maybe hang some clutter on the bike like a generator with tail light and blinkers.

There are also a couple of other projects on ice: Schwinn fastback that the plan calls for a mild custom with Schwinn components salvaged from some ten-speeds over the years. A Schwinn Scrambler Competition which has lines a lot like the Flying Wedge so maybe something along the same theme.
Finally, a 26" aluminum cruiser with a springer and a converted three-piece bottom bracket with flight cranks, aluminum wheels, apes and whatever else I can throw at it.

I plan on being an active member of the community and really looking forward to getting started on the projects after a long stretch of hard times and unforeseen circumstances.


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