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Mar 11, 2022
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Hi! I’m a middle-aged dad who’s a casual cyclist but has always loved bicycles. I have an Electra Townie 21 that I bought when my 17 year old daughter was a baby, and it’s sat mostly neglected since we moved here from LA in 2013 (it’s mechanically good-I cleaned and greased it last week and went for a ride). I want to convert it to an awesome mutant chopper thing with my 13 year old son (I have a nice Raleigh Misceo that I ride for exercise). I’m thinking new fork, little front wheel, stubby fenders, banana seat, sissy bar and new handlebars.
I look forward to advice about how to design it and where to get the parts. I won’t do anything that requires cutting the frame cuz I don’t have a MIG welder. I’m fairly handy, and actually used to build and sell bikes in a department store when I was a teenager.