No. 3 build ready to kick off...

Jun 25, 2017
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Battery box completed. Used 5" dia. aluminium tube for the shell, stainless louvered vent fascias repurposed as end caps, and a Munsen Ring and Hospital Bracket as frame mounts. Locating brackets for the louvered end caps brazed inside aluminium shell using Alu-build300 rods and my MAPP torch.
Front brake and speedo cables now installed.
Bespoke 27" dia. steel rear mudguard rolled to shape by a UK craftsman using the original machines and tooling. Shame I had to cut it down to get the 'bobbed' look. Can always use the offcut on another project.
Oh... and my new Covid mask arrived arrived via DHL from India! Courtesy of eBay. ;)

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