Official RRB Build Off 9 Finished Bike List

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I will add bikes as they are submitted. Figured I'd start this now.

1. "1941" Colson by Double Nickle★★★1941★★★finished.83239/page-8#post-839258

2. 1945 Elgin by Junknutz1975

3. 1951 Indian Fixie/Single-Speed Rat by sdframe

4. 41 DX - aka The Schwinn Cedar by RainierBeer

5. 56T: Tribute to My Dad by MplsCoaster

6. AMFer by raggedjim

7. Another Love Letter by furyus

8. Artifact by 2dawgs

9. BACK IN 74 by "Tommy" AKA Rat Rod;)

10. BACK IN BLACK by charliechaindrive

11. BAD DONALD by CeeBee

12. Banana Peeler by Tommy Atoms

13. BERKSHIRE by ifitsfreeitsforme

14. Blue Arrow & Minnehaha by Funkme


16. Bohemian Rhapsody by Jane says

17. BOMBER by mikeeebikey

18. Bull Honky by falcondave

19. captain americruiser by bikedudeomaha

20. Chunkpunk by baldwooky

21. Connecticut Zombie by deorman

22. CYCO by bean

23. Defiance by kingsting

24. Delinquent by gsc

25. DEVIL'S DARLING!!! *13* by skiptooth13

26. DRAG KING by The Renaissance Man

27. El Boogie by tecktiki

28. ENIGMA by fordsnake

29. Flame-Thrower FLAT-TRACKER by DoubleL

30. Frisco Flip by chemmaan


32. GEARS OF WAR by Jake Sensi

33. Gichigami Growler Grabber by DeuceWheeler

34. Glendular Fever by Glen

35. Greetings from Hazel Park by BigStoneGuy

36. Hombre by Pedal_junky

37. iAM HIGGINS by MazdaFlyer

38. JOKER King size BMX! by LukeTheJoker

39. KING BEE by late for dinner

40. Krunk Junk by Outskirtscustoms

41. Kustom Ladies Ride by Aros Kustom

42. Little Neutrino 1936 Atom Punk by GuitarlCarl

43. Lounge Rat by metalchewy

44. MotoDromo Special by jasper87

45. Nichoflamebike1 by nicho

46. OCC Stingray electric trike by Sosume

47. Old Friend by Scribble

48. Pancho Villa by MIGZ

49. Penydarren by dragnusa

50. Pontiac by irzouts

51. Psycho Monkey Ward by Schwinnspastic

52. Re-tired Stripper by Pedal2daMetal

53. Road Rash by SoulGarageOH…-some-pics-here.85081/page-3

54. RustMaster by MrLeghorn

55. rusty-n-crusty by Cuan

56. Rusty Rebel by SCHWINNRAY69

57. Rusty Ride Tiger by rfoster458

58. Sin Nombre by No Joke

59. Skirt Chaser by justride

60. Slammed Trike by dracothered

61. SPRUNG by Ichoptop

62. starsNbars by kingfish254█★█-starsnbars-█★█-38-hawthorne-twin-bar-5-bar-☠-red-white-and-rust-finished.83243/

63. Steed John Steed by bleedingfingers

64. Stray Cat by cherrydeuce

65. The 8-Ball Tracker Slacker by OldSkool

66. The Copper Chopper by expjawa

67. The Evans Drag-On Sonic Scout by Black Top Roller

68. The Graverobber by IronDio

69. The Junktracker by Frankie plekhand

70. The Low Tracker by kevinBN7

71. The Pepperbox Special by Missing Link

72. The Silver Straight Bar by char★-silver-straight-bar-special-★.84603/page-6

73. The Traditional Build THE FIREBALL 8 by white_cross

74. Thrown Together by Daddyar!!!!!!.83516/#post-811894

75. Tractorliner by deven_science

76. TRAMP STAMP by texasbigjon

77. Two Way Tandem by Inline Six

78. Western Flyer by idiotboy

79. What am I, but a bike, anyways? by SPOKEoftheDEVIL

80. WHEATPENNY by Toeslider

81. White Trash by puddin42

82. Wicked Worksman Finished by jdloniak

83. Worm Drink by LowpowerD

84. Wrenching On My Bike by PeterBuilt

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BIG PROBLEM!!! I can't enter more than 50 images on one thread! HELP RAT ROD!!!

EDIT: Thanks Steve
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Are the finished bikes going be listed in the order they finish or alphabetical?

Personally, I would prefer to see them in the order they finish, but it's your choice of course.

I'll probably do alphabetical order so the voting will be easier. That's how Rat Rod told me to do it last year so I assume it's the same this year.
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Aug 31, 2009
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Jan 12, 2013
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Ok, cause reading comprehension owns me, where dowe submit???
I am done, just lost!
Ok, cause reading comprehension owns me, where dowe submit???
I am done, just lost!
Just post your bike with the desired picture in the "BUILD OFF 9 FINISHED BIKES THREAD" and I'll get it added to the above official list. It would also help if you post a link to the build thread to make it easier for me to find.
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Nov 22, 2011
It seems like this thread ought to just have finished bikes showing up without the comments showing up here.
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Do we only submit one photo as a finished bike ?
Many people have overall shots as well as close ups showing details so I think your finished bike thread can have as many photos as you want. Someone will correct me if I am wrong.

Go to BUILD OFF 9 FINISHED BIKES and start a new thread there.



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Aug 31, 2009
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Glen is correct. Take a look at the Finished Bike Sub Forum from last year to give you an idea of what your individual Finished Bike thread should look like.

This thread is just ouskirtcustoms thread to help him organize the bikes into a voting gallery. The voting gallery will only have one picture and a link to your individual finished bike thread. Here is what the voting gallery looked like last year.

Hope that helps.
Hey guys someone needs to take over the list, I'm getting my internet shut off so I can't keep it up.
outskirts I applaud you. Such a hard job, and you're doing great. Again. Thanks so much.
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I honestly believe that this is going to be the toughest build off that I've watched (and participated in.....last year :()for me to choose my favourites as there are an overabundance of amazing bikes to choose from. Every finished bike, so far, has so much thought and detail put into its construction that I am literally going to have to go back and read through about a dozen threads that I didn't follow during the construction phase just so I can narrow it down to my top three (thank goodness I followed Kingfish's thread so I don't have to reread it again as that would take most of a whole day ;);))