Old Murray 3 speeds for parts: hop up Columbias’s

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Aug 17, 2019
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Hey everyone,

So, I’ve been sidetracked with summer and dodging heat. At this moment, the feels like temperature is 101.(F)

I was able to score these bikes last week for parts:

All in, bikes and fuel, $70. Meh…. I’m sure there are better deals out there, but for my use, tremendous value in time (not removing rust) and parts.

As I have a lot of bikes, I don’t have a nice (or cool) his and hers set.

Last winter I was able to score a nice pair of Columbia sports III’s for $5 each!!!!

-The bikes are complete and the paint and patina is great, but the chrome needs A LOT of help or replaced…enter the Murray’s!!!!

I’m not sure when I’m going to do this project, but I could not pass up the value on these matching bikes …..
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