ORBO Inspiration: The Original "Klunkers" and Pioneers of MTB

Oct 18, 2008
Found this video,

Joe Breeze explains towards the end of the video that the Repack / Marin guys really were not "first" but that they achieved "critical mass" to get a world wide mountain bike movement going.
I've only traded a few emails with Joe, but it was enough to convince me he's a class act.
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Mar 26, 2012
Maplewood, MN
Was talking with my uncle today:
Was telling him about this BO;
He was telling me: that in the 1930&40's,
When he was a boy, in the Eastern Kentucky mountains; they took the fenders off their bicycles , and would ride through the mountain woods.
Showed him a pic. Of my Overland.
He said, "that takes me back 70 + years."
So, I guess, Bombers, have :a long history.:happy: the old guy is 87 years old. I told him I will let him ride my bike.:21:
He can barely walk.; so,he said,
"I'll have to pass..Thanks, for the offer".:p
My dad did the same stuff in the '30s down the bluffs and through the cow pastures of the Driftless Area (glaciers missed it) of southeastern Minnesota. He bought his first mountain bike from me at our shop at age 63 in 1988. He bought his next one from me in 2008 at age 83. Rode it the last 5 yrs of his life....