Pls ID my old BMX frame

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Apr 19, 2022
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My dad drove me across town one Saturday morning in 1975 to buy this bike. I was 9 years old and had saved up a massive amount doing odd jobs around the house, 40 bucks, so that I could get a cool BMX bike and shred the canal banks, and shady orchards, and vacant desert lots between our neighborhood and the local Circle K and Schwinn bike shop with my buddies.

This bike was advertised in the classified ads in the Arizona Republic during my fourth grade year, and fit nicely in my adolescent price range, plus its chromejob looked really good to me. When I bought it it was basically kitted out with what looked like cast-off Stingray parts. It never had any decals on it. I'm sure it's not someghing super glam or rare, but it's been mine for a long long time. We had a lot of fun together back in the day... Took it off many sweet jumps, ya know. Like I said, the chrome is solid, the TIGs are decent, the Mongoose-like gusset at the head tube is bomber, and the serial number on the left rear dropout (SO1124) is oh, so curiously and enticingly low.

One of my pals long ago thought it looked like a Gary Littlejohn, but I don't think it's one of his, for lots of reasons. Everyone else I've ever asked has drawn a blank when attempting to ID it. I’ve kept it around, as garage wall-art, for almost 40 years now. But now that I'm getting to be an old man I’m thinking I’d like to rebuild it one of these days, before I die, and ride it around again, and perhaps even source some decals for it if I can get a positive ID from one of you experts.

Appreciate any insight anyone is able to proffer.



Jun 20, 2010
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central Iowa
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Very cool! If you don't get much traction here, try Good luck!