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Sep 27, 2006
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Siesta Key FL.
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Hey kids, its been awhile. So a few months ago I dove head first into this fixie craze, and now its like, I ride the crap outta this bike! Its so much fun. And its really like a whole new way of riding a bike. What really drew me to'em was just the simple, clean lines. No cludder. No crap. And they're really fast. So here's what I started with......

'76 Schwinn Sprint (had to stay true to my roots) Picked it up at the local Schwinn shop for 25 bucks


I didnt really document this build. I just tore into it and went nuts. I kinda wished I wouldve stopped and taken pictures but its too late now.
So anyways, here's mock up....
I just cut down the drop bars, and added some red Oury's. But as I rode'em they were way too narrow. Picked up the metelflake Schwinn seat off ebay. That was originally my whole inspiration. I picked that seat up about 4 or 5 years ago and its taken me this long to do something with it. So there's this awesome bike shop up in St. Pete called 66Fixed, thats where I got all the rest of my parts. Mavic wheels with Formula hubs and an EAI cog. Michelin tires. RPM Bulletproof cranks with MKS pedal and a Salsa chainring. Shimano sealed headset and bottom bracket.


So after mock up, I stripped it back down. Ground off all the tabs and stuck with the tried and true, FLAT BLACK (I had to keep it real, right? thats what we're all about here on RatRodBikes :mrgreen: ). Swapped out my bars with some wider risers, then added some red track grips and an old school Schwinn neck. Put a redline Soma Everware tire on the rear. Swapped the white forks for some chrome ones, then added some new toeclips so I can do some serious skiddin'. And there it is kids....my new Hotrod Fixie!





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